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HSTRY is a timeline builder website that is unlike any other that I have ever seen. Rather than focus on building a single timeline, like B Docs 3D timeline (a superb resource, BTW), HSTRY chooses to tap the power of the Internet to create individual web pages for each event in a potential timeline. The user builds the timeline by creating pages for specific events and/or linking to events already created on the site. In this way, a series of links becomes a unique timeline.


HSTRY is still in Beta Test mode, as the creators make clear right from the start. This means that usability and functions may change. Also, calling this tool a timeline is a bit misleading. The service allows you to build information rich web pages concerning events in history. The timeline portion is really up to the user linking various web pages together. That being said, the site is slick, easy to navigate, and flat-out fun to use!

Sample Uses

This site screams to be used for educational purposes. MS and HS students can use this service individually to display mastery of a given topic, or link their pages together to form a timeline of an era under study. Teachers can do the same. Really, there are many possibilities here. It is just so easy to pull together audio and video components that result is a rich, engaging learning experience.

Do I plan to use it?

Yes! This resource is perfect for student-generated history unit timelines of key events, concepts, and characters. It is also just plain fun to play with.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Easy. I know, learning how to create a content-rich web page should be harder, but there it is! I am impressed with just how easy it was to create an account, follow the tutorial, and build my first page. I accomplished all of these things in under 40 minutes. The result is here: Intelligently, the creators of HSTRY created the tutorial in such a way that you can actually build your first site simply by using the tutorial.

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS and HS students will enjoy using this service, and teachers of these students will also find building this “timeline” both interesting and fun.


Free! Wow, the HSTRY people may need to find a way to monetize this site, but it is free for now.

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