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Thanks for your interest in being part of the Education Vanguard.  We really love the opportunities this show presents to recognize and showcase awesome educators like you.

Interview FAQ's

They generally run about 15 minutes.  Our audience appreciates that time frame and gives us enough time to introduce you, talk about your efforts and leave them wanting for a little more.

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After the interview is produced, we will schedule it for release.  We release one show per week and generally bank shows in advance as well.  We will let you know the release date after we produce the show, but generally it should be less than four weeks after the recording date.

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That is hard to predict.  We do know that our listener base is growing and month over month downloads are increasing.  The more you can do to promote your interview, the more people will be reached by what you want to share.

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We take sound quality very seriously and will work to ensure that both you and the host sound as good as possible.  We use high end mics on our side, boost and equalize sound levels and export sound files at a high bit rate.


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This is an important question.   Below are some tips for ensuring you provide good sound quality for the show.

  • Conduct the interview in a quiet room with as little outside noise as possible. For example, if there is a loud fan in the room, shut it off
  • ALWAYS use headphones during the interview.  Otherwise when we ask you questions, it is heard out loud on your machine and can go right back down the microphone creating an echo effect.
  • Check if your school or organization has a USB Mic available for you to use. Or, for Mac users, use your iPhone headphones with mic.  Absent any of those, the microphone on your Mac will likely be fine.
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Once the show is published, you will be able to use the permalink to share it on your blog, website, social media accounts and more!  The link will usually be something like this   Example:

Please share it as widely as possible.  Our mission is to recognize educational leaders and share their knowledge.  Your help will make our mission more successful.

For more suggestions, see our After The Interview page.


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We only record audio at this time.  Maybe we will do video later, but for now no.  So don’t worry about having your hair all aligned.  Nobody will see it. 😉



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We will contact you via Skype to do the recording.  We prefer a Skype to Skype connection, but can call into a phone if needed.  We use Call Recorder to record the show.   Great product.

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Pre-interview Survey

Please complete this short survey to help us prepare for the show.  Your show will have its own page and show notes.  This form gives us all the information we need to contact you and create a page that best represents you.

Education Vanguard Pre-Interview Form


Find a Time

Take a look at the open slots below. Blue means an open time slot.  More  time slots are available on Fridays.  If no times work for you, and we can work something out.