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MathleticsMathletics is an online math program that is a great supplement to your math curriculum.  Mathletics provides additional practice for students who need extra help or a challenge in math.  The game like feel of the program makes students really motivated to solve the problems and master the concepts.  Students can race each other or other students around the world in basic facts, collect points to build their avatar and if they don’t understand a concept they can watch videos that help to explain.  Teachers get detailed analytics about each student’s work and how they are progressing.  They can assign specific tasks to students and even set the program to their school standards.  The program can quickly be differentiated so that students who need a challenge or extra practice can get the support they need.


This program is an amazing tool that our school has had access to for a few years, but unless you give the necessary training to your teachers, it will go underutilized.  The Mathletics team offers amazing support both online and in person so if schools take advantage of that, this is a great resource for your school.

Sample Uses

This program is designed to supplement your math program with extra practice, and to support the students who need more differentiation.

Do I plan to use it?

I loved having this when I was a classroom teacher!

Commitment and Learning Curve

Medium, but you need to give some time to really using all the analytics to truly help your students.

Best for ES MS or HS?  

ES/MS is where I have seen it used the most but they also have HS components


75USD / Student

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