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MoveNote LogoOverview MoveNote is an online presentation tool that allows you to record your voice and/or face while presenting slides. The result is a screen that shows one’s slides, one’s face, and a computer-generated “laser pointer” on the presentation. Presentations saved as PDFs worked fine for me. A created presentation can be shared with a link or embedded into an LMS (very useful, that!). The slides themselves can be downloaded as a PDF document, but the audio/video portion cannot be downloaded. Concerns No significant concerns beyond the fact that kids will be showing their faces online. Digitally literate teens will understand not to reveal their full names or locations. Still, we teachers must remind them of the need to maintain as much privacy as possible. Also, PPTX files may create issues, so save your PowerPoint as a version 2007 or save as a PDF. Sample Uses This service clearly lends itself to flipped classroom strategies. For teachers, flipping is the most likely use. For MS and HS students, MoveNote is useful to record presentations in lieu of live presentations. One can practice and redo a presentation for as long as one has the patience, and one receives instant feedback through the computer’s video camera and microphone. I see the quiet student, the shy student, the student who avoids public speaking, benefitting from the added layer of distance from truly public speaking afforded through MoveNote. Do I plan to use it? Yes! I want my students to present in this way, in part so that they can develop the kind of online presentation skills that will become more common in the business world moving forward. Commitment and Learning Curve Low!!! I was able to get started in 2 minutes. I did have an issue with my microphone not working that turned out to be a setting on my computer, not an issue with the service. I sent an email while troubleshooting the issue, and I received a reply within minutes. Granted, I had already fixed the problem, but the point is that MoveNote responded with extreme speed. I like that fact very much! Best for ES MS or HS? This service will work best with MS & HS teachers and students, though I do see some application for presenters to younger students when the presenter simply cannot be “on site.” Cost: Free for education! Website Link: My First MoveNote (hey, is was 4:30 in the morning. Give me a break!):
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