Robot Factory is a powerful iOS app that does what it says: Let’s kids build robots.  However, it does so in a way that The-Robot-Factory-by-Tinybopteaches them about design, the impact of design and the relationship between what you want your robot to do and how it will interact with the real world. Start off in the robot design factory and try on different types of body styles. Add parts to the robot and then test it in the real world, outside of the factory. Students learn what aspects of their design work and don’t. Students can customize the look of the robot including colors. A garage like setting allows the students to save their robots and solves the problem of multiple users on the same iPad.

Simple Uses?

  • Use it to teach a design unit for students where they first sketch out what they want for a robot then build it.
  • Students reflect on cause and effect.  What they thought would work and what actually worked in robot design.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Oh for sure. We are building a new flexible learning space next year, hopefully with some iPad Pros, and this would be a great app to have on them for learning these type of things.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Medium commitment and medium to high learning curve. Teachers will need to have a lesson plan to take full advantage of this app for learning. Alternatively, the learning curve is lower if students are just asked to play with it on their own.

Best For



3.99 USD