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There is beauty in simplicity. When I find a simple tool that does one thing I need, and does it well, I hold on to it. 30handsAnother one of those tools is the free app 30 Hands. What does it do? Basically simple - add voice to images and export as a video. That’s it. Students take pictures, or import images from the camera roll. You can add arrows, lines, and text to images. Record your voice. Export as a video to the camera roll. It is easy to re-record to fix errors. Images can easily be re-ordered.


This is a free tool

Sample Uses

Multiple subjects. Anything that involves storytelling and student voice. Stories can be exported to the camera roll as a video that can be shared.

Do I plan to use it?

Kindergarten students can take photos, use the app to trace the lines of objects in the photos, then add their voice to describe what shapes they see in the photo. 2nd grade students can use the ipad to take photos of their science experiment before, during, and after and then add their voice describing what happened and what they learned - a video lab report.

Commitment and Learning Curve

No commitment. Low learning curve.

Best for ES MS or HS?



FREE. (There is also a pro version)

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