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I would suggest some of the following books for your summer reading. Now, my style is to read only non-fiction books (because I am boring) that relate to startups. I believe a startup culture is what you need to make change in an organization. If you can build that culture you will do some great things.

Michael’s suggestions:


This time I think we may all have very different posts!  As I am currently working as a STEM Coach, most of my summer reading is centered around Math and Science Inquiry. Don’t worry, I do have a few fun books (like Terry Pratchett and Jeffrey Archer) packed away in my suitcase.  But as this is an educational podcast, list below is purely the professional learning I’m hoping to dig into this summer.

As a forewarning this is my ACTUAL summer reading/podcast list so these are not “tried and true” but rather things that I’m curious about and am planning to read/listen to: