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“Make great-looking videos on an iPad.  It’s easy with TouchCast Studio – the most powerful mobile app for creating videos.  It literally puts a TV studio in your hands.”   This app is really as good as it claims.  It has some really impressive video editing tools, great green screen options, excellent effects and much more.  I’ve played around with this app for awhile now and I still don’t think I’ve made use of all the different features.  If you are interested in creating some amazing videos with your students this is a great app for you!  



Sample Uses

Really anything you would plan on using video for this would be a great app to use.  News reports, weather, reports, having students “on location” for a history report, etc.  The uses are endless.  

Do I Plan to Use It?

Yup!  My third graders tried it out today and created some great weather reports.  

Commitment and Learning Curve

Medium.  There are LOTS of features but the tutorial videos are excellent and so it’s very easy to all you want to know.  

Best for ES MS or HS?

Mostly MS/HS.  ES can use it as well but will want to use a more simple version.  


Free! For the personal version.  TouchCast also offers a paid version with private sharing for your entire company or school.    

Website Link

You can search for the app in the app store or you can go to this stie:

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