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Overview   Workflow is a superb iOS app that makes it easy to write scripts to stitch the powers of individual apps on your iOS device to each other. For example, you can create a workflow that will automagically look at your calendar, see both when and where your next appointment is and contact Uber to get you a ride there. All at the touch of a button.   The app comes with a bunch of workflows already setup, but you can make your own. It is not too hard to do it, but not easy enough that the average person will want to make their own. I prefer the pre-made ones myself. Concerns Weight gain is my biggest concern. Since this is directed mostly at adults and not students, I might overuse the “Call for a pizza” workflow that will search Google Maps, offer me five suggested places, then make a pizza call for me. Sample Uses
  • Let people know you are running late for a meeting by auto discovering how far you are from the meeting and estimating how long until you arrive and then sending that.
  • Sharing your location with a buddy with one click
  • Finding the nearest coffee shop
  • Creating an animated GIF automatically from a series of photos you take. This could actually have an educational use.
  Do I Plan to Use It? Yes! Already am in fact. I love this app and have a blast with it. They are often creating now workflow ideas to use as well. Commitment and Learning Curve Low learning curve unless you want to create your own workflows. That is a little trickier and likely only fun for the nerds out there. Best for ES MS or HS? I can see an HS student using it, but mostly this will be used by adults to add some efficiency to their lives. Cost $1.99 Website Link  
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