Gratitude, Reflection and Being Present

Capturing more time in our lives to better develop our sense of well-being is no easy task. When trying to integrate more mindfulness practice into our lives, we must adapt and modify these strategies in a way that best suits who we are and our level of comfort with putting these approaches into action. There certainly is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to employing more mindfulness in our lives. Some things will resonate more greatly with us and other things not so much. What’s most important is having an open mind to the possibilities that exist then tinkering with these approaches in order to determine what works best for us.

In today’s episode, Neila and I discuss our go to sources of inspiration and insight for this week in regards to our own mindfulness practice. Neila shares a great reflection that includes asking ourselves 3 essential questions at the end of each day. She delves into what each question means and how to apply it in our lives. As well, Neila gives an example of how pets can help us to be more mindful and present.

Andy shares a new visualization and gratitude activity that he recently started putting into practice that is all about helping to sync up the energy of heart and mind. He also shares one of his favorite quotes and how this relates to better understanding and identifying the talents that we bring to the world. Thanks for listening to the 8th episode of ‘4 X Mindfulness’.


Neila Steele and Andy Vasily are international educators who have worked at fully authorized IB schools in 4 different countries over the past 16 years (Japan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, and China). Andy is a consultant, workshop leader, presenter, and speaker. Neila presents and leads multiple workshops in the area of mindfulness. They have devoted themselves to sharing the powerful effects that mindfulness has on promoting greater mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being.

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Gratitude, Visualization, Daily Reflection, Non-Judgement, Presence, Tony Robbins, Self-Awareness, Service to Others, Jim Carrey Commencement Speech