In what ways do you take charge of your own professional learning? What do you need to be aware of within yourself in order to become the educator that you would like to be? What have major pivot points shaped your own journey in education? What are cognitive coaching and the key fundamentals of the model itself?

In today’s episode, Jim Roussin and I deconstruct his amazing journey and the major lessons he has learned that have helped to shape his career as an educator and a renown consultant in his field. We explore what cognitive coaching is and strategies that we can all put into action that can help us to move toward more of a self-authoring approach in regards to our personal and professional growth. We also explore the important roles of efficacy, interdependence, flexibility, craftsmanship, and consciousness as they relate to the development of our pedagogy and practice.

Jim will inspire listeners to find greater purpose and value in the work that they do. You are sure to gain many useful gems that can be immediately applied in the work that you do. Thanks for listening to today’s show with Jim Roussin.

About Jim

Jim Roussin has worked as a language arts teacher; gifted coordinator; ESL coordinator; curriculum director; executive director of teaching, learning, and school improvement; adjunct professor; and educational consultant. He is currently the executive director for Generative Learning (

Jim is the author of a variety of articles as well as a coauthor of the book Guiding Professional Learning Communities: Inspiration, Challenge, Surprise, and Meaning (with Shirley M. Hord and William A. Sommers, 2010). His new book will be published in 2013 with Shirley Hord — Implementing Change Through Learning. Jim is a teaching associate for Human Systems Dynamics (an institute that is using complexity theory to impact organizational development work). He also facilitates program evaluation.

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Themes Discussed:

Teacher Empowerment, Purpose, Cognitive Coaching, Self-Authoring, Meaning of Work, Personal and Professional Growth, Inspiration