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Sir Ranulph Fiennes, British explorer and world record holder, describes today’s #RunYourLife podcast guest as having ‘Enormous determination, lateral thinking, and a love for life and adventure’.  Whether it be circumnavigating the globe by bicycle over 4 straight years, rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic, running the Marathon des Sables which is one of the most gruelling footraces on earth, walking across Iceland pulling a sled, or inspiring others to embark on adventures of their own, Alastair Humphreys exemplifies what it means to pursue both personal and professional excellence. In this episode, Alastair shares the major lessons that he has learned through his life of adventure; hardship and resilience, goal-setting, failure, mindset, determination, and his love of culture and exploring our beautiful earth. In 2012 Alastair was recognized by the National Geographic as being one of their Adventurers of the Year through the work he has done spreading the power and value that microadventures can hold in our daily lives. Looking at the world with wonder and curiosity has allowed Alastair to tackle these extraordinary challenges with an open-mind, knowing that there are gems to be discovered along every step of the way and every pull of the oars. And it’s these gems that Alastair has shared with countless school children and teachers from around the world. You are sure to find great takeaway value in today’s #RunYourLife podcast with Alastair Humphreys. Thanks for listening.


Alastair’s quest for adventure began young. Aged 8, he completed the 26 mile Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge and the National 3 Peaks in 24 hours aged 13. At 14 he cycled off-road across England. After leaving school Alastair taught for a year in South Africa. Whilst at university (Edinburgh and Oxford) Alastair cycled from Pakistan to China, Land’s End to John O’Groats, Turkey to Italy, Mexico to Panama and across South America. He ran a charity project in the Philippines and the London marathon dressed as a rhino.Since graduating Alastair has cycled round the world for 4 years, raced a yacht across the Atlantic Ocean, canoed 500 miles down the Yukon River and walked the length of the holy Kaveri river in India. Alastair has also run the Marathon des Sables, (finishing as one of the ten fastest Brits despite breaking his foot during the race) and rowed to France with a paralysed soldier. In 2010 he completed an unsupported crossing of Iceland by foot and packraft. In 2011 Alastair decided to remain in the UK in order to encourage people to seek out adventure and wilderness closer to home, challenging themselves through microadventures. In 2012 Alastair rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, did an expedition in Greenland and walked across the Empty Quarter desert. Since then he has concentrated on his microadventures, encouraging people to get out and fit more adventure into their busy lives. He has worked with clients including National Geographic, Talisker, Peugeot, Vodafone, GoPro and Adidas on this movement. Alastair’s book, Microadventures, was an Amazon UK Top 20 Bestseller for all books. Grand Adventures reached Number 8 for all books on Amazon UK. Alastair has published nine books and is a keen photographer and videographer. Alastair pays the bills through motivational speaking at businesses and schools, fulfilling a long ambition by speaking to a full house at the Royal Geographical Society. He was chosen as one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year in 2012. Alastair lives in a village outside London with his wife and two young children (hence the microadventures!)

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