As I have gotten a “little” bit older, my family (mostly my daughter) remind me that my hearing is not nearly as sharp, crisp and clear as it was in the past. As a result, I find noisy situations harder to process.  My brain has a harder time filtering out conversations.  This includes working in classrooms. Now, SOME of you might say “Hey Michael, just go get hearing aids!”  Now, if I was not in denial I would go do that, but why should I when I have an easier, cheaper and better looking solution? Too Noisy! Too Noisy is an iOS and Android app that listens to (monitors) sound levels in your classroom. As the sound level increases, the program presents a visual cue to let the students know they are becoming too loud. Depending on the setting, this can look like a smiley face not looking very happy to a noise level meter. There are a variety of graphic interfaces to match the age of your students. It is possible to have presets as well for different types of volume levels such as group work, quite work, or test taking silence! An alarm will sound when students exceed the preset noise level.

Simple Uses?

  • Create quiet times during tests
  • Help students understand their noise levels
  • Have quiet areas of the classroom and group areas that have different noise levels

Do I Plan To Use It?

Maybe. As a roving teacher, I don’t have as much need for it. If I was in a regular classroom and had a public school number of students, I might use it.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Very low. Fire the app up, check out the options and away you go.

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