What we put on our Facebook home page usually involves some deep thinking about how to put our best “face” forward.  We have to represent our personalities in a few pictures, posts, interests and taglines. Now, this sort of thinking process just might be interesting if you were to apply it to a character from a book your class or student is reading.  But, really do you want to create an entire page just for one fictional or non-fictional character?   I think not! ;-) That is where “Fakebook” comes to the rescue. Fakebook, from Classtools.net lets students create a sample Facebook page and save it. The page is fairly complete with room for photos, interests, posts and more. This takes creative expression in a much different direction than the standard essay. There is even a place to post “friends or frenemies.”

Simple Uses?

Create a page based on some of the following:
  • Historical figure
  • Novel figure
  • Family member
  • Yourself in the future
  • About me activity

Do I Plan To Use It?

I am going to keep it in my bag of tricks when discussing digital literacy with teachers. I love the way this site requires students to think in a deeper manner about their characters.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Medium to low learning curve. It is an older looking site, so it can be a bit less intuitive than the more modern looking sites.

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