When I was a lot younger, I learned to read.  It has been a wonderful thing!  Thankfully I am still able to read and I even use my iPhone to do lots of reading on the Kindle app.  I also like to read articles from websites or using my Flipboard app. Once in a while I come across an interesting quote or piece of information I want to share with my friends on one of those social media apps like… Twitter!  That can be cumbersome as I have to retype in parts of the text and limit to 140 characters or less. Too much friction and hassle for an efficient (lazy) guy like me! Thanks to the OneShot app, I can now easily Tweet out text quotes I come across in my reading.  Aweosme! Here is how it works:
  1. I take a screenshot of some text I am reading in any app on my iPhone or iPad
  2. Next I open up OneShot and pull in the screenshot I just made.   In fact, it is alrady there waiting for me.
  3. Now I have the ability to crop, highlight (using many colors) and share the screenshot out to my Twitter friends. I can even leave a comment as well.

Simple Uses?

  • Students share important quotes with their social or school network of text they are reading
  • Teachers share meaningful information to their personal learning networks

Do I Plan To Use It?

Heck ya! Already have started. I often want to share out some good quotes and found it a real pain to do in the past.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Super easy to use. Totally low commitment and learning curve.

Best For