Docs Teach is a website effort by the National Archives that promotes the use of primary source documents in middle- and high school history classrooms. The site is divided into activities and the documents themselves. The activities page is loaded with primary-source based activities that develop historical thinking skills. Intelligently, the National Archives has made these activities ready-to-use. the documents page groups primary source documents by era for easier access.

Simple Uses?

US History and AP US History teachers can dove right in, bring primary source documetns into their instruction.

Do I Plan To Use It?

I have used Docs Teach, but only when teaching US History or AP US History. I am using other resources for my Modern World History class this year.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Time is needed to sift through the activities and resources. Further, teachers need to thoroughly train themselves on historical thinking instruction. Time is the challenge here, and commitment to effective pedagogy. Docs Teach is not a fast food. It is a fine feast that requires eating slowly.

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