Bumpers is an iOS application that makes podcasts easy to build, easy to edit and easy to improve. As with any recording app, you hit the record button and start chatting about your topic.  Whatever that might be. Very nice, very basic; what all the other apps can do already.bumper-1024x879 Bumpers has some extra features that make it awesome including musical segues and asides.

Simple Uses?

  • Create a news program about what is happening in the school or beyond
  • Create a “This American Life” style show where you retell a story of an exciting event in your life
  • Introduce students in the class with a few short words
  • Be a roving reporter where you ask people about something going on in the world or at your school

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes, with ES it is really a great app.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Medium learning curve. Not so much because of the technology, but how to use asides, interruptions and seques without being annoying is really hard!

Best For



Free only