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Caffeine is a very basic little app that lets you have more control over when and how your computer falls asleep or caffeinedisplays a screen saver. Now, you have control of this in your regular system preferences, but it is hard to dig in there and change it on the fly. Say, during a presentation. With Caffeine, you give it one little click and your machine will not fall asleep. You can set it to only be active for a specific period of time, say, one hour for example.


All the extra energy our power grid will face if you don’t let your computer fall asleep.

Sample Uses

I like to use it during presentations. Sometimes I may not change a slide for a while and when my Mac falls asleep, the screen goes dark. This is especially annoying if I am using Apple TV as then I often have to reconnect again.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Already am using it.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Super low. It just sits up there and you turn it on or off as needed.

Best for ES MS or HS?

This is best for HS students, but even more so for adults who might be doing presentations for their classroom.



Website Link

Find it here, but it you can also search for it on the Mac App store.
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