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Desmos is a graphing web-app that connects browser-based and mobile versions (Apple & Android) so that kids and teachers can learn using graphing functions on nearly any platform. Desmos’ cross-platform functionality makes it perfect for BYOD situations, and the quality of Desmos means that any 1-to-1 program will benefit from it. For math teachers Desmos has a large number of activities ready for use, and you can build and save your own activities as well. These activities are directly translatable to classroom use, so there is little prep involved. One example of Desmos’ user-friendly materials is Marbleslides, a parabola challenge that is available to all teachers who sign up for the (free) Desmos account.



Sample Uses:

“I use Desmos a lot in class, it is easy and I can show several different graphs at the same time easily, quickly and in different colors to differentiate. I also use it for showing and figuring out the line of best fit…again, easy to explain how to use it and set it up…” - Peggy Schuster, Math Teacher, Concordia International School Shanghai “Yes, I use Desmos all the time! Just used it today with my Algebra class. It is a great tool for quickly and easily graphing in Algebra and above. We also use the Ti Inspire Calculators, which are super powerful, but Desmos is way easier to use, and great for a quick graph, or teaching illustration with my students. It is also quite powerful and can do a lot of the functions that the $200 graphing calculator does, but all for free! - Ryan Muir, Math Teacher, Concordia International School Shanghai

Do I plan to use it?

I am not currently teaching math, but I look forward to using Desmos when I take on the challenge of AP Computer Science Principles in the fall.

Commitment and Learning Curve:

Low-Medium, depending upon one’s familiarity with online graphing sites.

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS, HS, Teachers



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  • Ryan Muir

    Sounds like a good tool!

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