This iOS app lets you design and test your own video game.  It uses a basic two-dimensional climbing and jumping FloorsLogovideo game model but lets kids design the layout add the various elements to their levels - ladders, pits, rewards, etc.  What moves this tool up to a new level of coolness is the ability for kids to design their levels on paper!  Using a special downloadable and printable template, kids can draw their levels, and use their iPad camera to capture it and turn it into a game!  Perfect for a class where you do not have 1:1 iPads.

Simple Uses?

Great for a STEM like design challenge.  Have students create test and critique their games.  Is it too easy or too difficult? What makes a game more fun?

Do I Plan To Use It?

Not yet, but looking into it as a possible Co-Curricular Activity

Commitment And Learning Curve

You can start off easy by playing some of the sample levels to learn how it works.

Best For



Free in the App Store (Also has in-App purchases)