Goalmigo is a web service that allows one to set up goals. More than a “to do” site, Goalmigo includes some helpful accountability resources that greatly increase the likelihood of goal completion. Accountability includes reminders that are set by the user, and the inclusion of two friends who will hold one check in with the user. The interface in simple, focusing on the task rather than bells and whistles. While the drop-down options clearly show a focus on health goals, there is a helpful homework reminder included. The “groups” feature allows a teacher to set up a class account to send out daily, mass alerts for homework and projects to the class. That aspect makes Goalmigo potentially useful to many a teacher, I should think.

Simple Uses?

Any student, or teacher for that matter, who needs reminders in order to complete tasks will find this site a fine resource for goal maintenance and completion. I am thinking freshmen boys here. Further, teachers who wish to reinforce homework notification can build groups that includes students and parents in the alerts.

Do I Plan To Use It?

No. I use other task management systems.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Easy. I was up and running on my first goal in three minutes, to include registration.

Best For