GoConqr is a web-based service offering free Mind Maps, Flash Cards, Quizzes, GoConqr Logoand Notes. The site is recently (27 March, 2015) revamped to make the services more visually appealing and, always appreciated, easier to use. I particularly like the card generation. There are many options for color, look, whether or not one wishes to use visuals as well as text, and all of this is accomplished without overwhelming het user with icons and choices. The finished product is the color and look that the user wishes to have.

Simple Uses?

The strengths of the services are visual appeal and ease of use. I actually use a flashcard generator that is much less attractive yet has more power, as in one can use audio files, videos, and links as sources of information. For most teachers GoConqr is not only sufficient, but a nice choice in that it is not a one trick pony of a service. The four resources work well together, allowing teachers the luxury of having one account from which to accomplish a number of goals.

Do I Plan To Use It?

No. The services are fine. I already use other services that accomplish what I wish to accomplish regarding Mind Maps, Flash Cards, Quizzes, and Notes. If I did not already have these resources then I certainly would consider using GoConqr.

Commitment And Learning Curve


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