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Monster Physics is a bit of a life saver for me.  I needed an app to use in an afterschool activity that would allow kids to design and build on the iPad.  I wanted something engaging that students could use independently but that would also be really fun.  Monster Physics checked all those boxes.  In the app students create a “hungry monster” that needs to eat but can’t get to the food without your help.  So you have to design and build crazy looking contraptions that will help your monster out.  It’s lots of fun and very engaging for students.  



Sample Uses

If you have a physics unit this would be a great extension or if you want to have your kids do something with engineering this is an excellent app as well.  And of course if you’re using iPads in an afterschool activity like me, this would be a great app.  

Do I Plan to Use It?


Commitment and Learning Curve


Best for ES MS or HS?



Free for the lite version.  If you want the full version it is 1.99 on US stores.  

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Search for it on your favorite app store.  Below is the link for the Apple store.
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