Online-Stopwatch’s Egg Timer is a simple, one-function device that just makes a teacher’s life a little bit easier. It is Online-Stopwatch Logowhat it is, an online timer. So why am I so enthusiastic? When I started teaching a certain number of years ago, I used to use the clock in the room when giving kids time limits. The problem is that I sometimes forgot to keep track of the time, my attention being pulled elsewhere. Then I used my mobile’s countdown function. This devise freed me up from having to keep track of the time myself, but my kids could not see the time. When I used the mobile for exams I still found myself having either to write the time hacks on the board or trouble the students to ask me how much time was left on the exam. Neither situation was ideal. With the Online-Stopwatch’s Egg Timer I can project the time left for an assignment, potion of a lesson, or exam, for all to see in big, bold numbers. When the time runs out an alert sound and the screen flashes. If I do not want sound, I can turn the volume off. I actually used the egg timer function at the annual National History Day China event held this last weekend at Concordia International School Shanghai. I ran a quiz bowl style event during lunch, and I wanted the students to know that the quiz bowl was starting in five minutes. I opened the egg timer, set it, and forgot about it. I didn’t have to keep an eye on the time because everyone could see the countdown. My mind was free to concentrate on more intellectual tasks. And that is what the Online-Stopwatch’s Egg Timer does. It allows the teacher to concentrate on other things. Also, you can select several other timer types, though most end in some kind of explosion.

Simple Uses?

Anywhere when a timer is needed and you do to want to monitor it yourself.

Do I Plan To Use It?

I already have.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Zero … Nada … Zilch … Instant … Automatic … Fa’Shizzle

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