Today’s episode is a special one as my friend, Christina Polatajko, shares her deeply personal story with addiction. As a well-known physical/health educator, Christina has made a huge impact on our profession through her work and her presentations.

Teaching is an extremely personal endeavor that requires us to know our strengths and limitations and to learn as much as we can about ourselves in order to have the impact that we desire through our work. Often times people mask their inefficiencies by hiding their truth, whatever that truth may be. Christina shares her journey with us in order to move forward in her life.

She has made it very clear that if sharing her story in this episode impacts just one person who is suffering from addiction, it will be well worth it. Making ourselves vulnerable and sharing who we really are can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Christina continues to shine and thrive in our profession through the bonds that she has created with others, but in her heart, she knows that sharing her story is the next step needed for her to continue to move forward in her life and to pursue excellence.

Addiction kills and destroys people both mentally and physically. The more we can openly talk about these things, the more of an impact it will have on providing support to those who need it most.

Christina is committed to life-long learning and her struggle with addiction and hardship serve to help her teach in a way that impacts the body, mind, and spirit or every student that walks through her gymnasium doors.

Who in your life suffers from addiction? Who in your life do you need to reach out to and better support? In listening to this episode, think of who that person might be. Thanks for tuning into this episode with Christina.

About Christina

Christina has been a physical educator for 8 years now as a Health and P.E coordinator in Melbourne, Australia. She pursued this career with a passion for making a difference and to have an impact. She hopes that the resources and techniques she has created will help other teachers in also making a difference in the classroom. She blogs at

Christina believes that we all have the greatest opportunity to make a difference every day through our work and is a very driven and determined learner and human being. She has presented nationally and internationally both online and in person.

Connect With Christina

Twitter: @cpola17


Themes Discussed:

Vulnerability, Addiction, Connection, Hope, Purpose, Masking Truth, Motivation, Desire to Improve