In this episode, Terri Walker, a PYP Curriculum manager at the global IB office in the Hague, discusses key changes in the program that will take effect in 2018. Terri shares the behind the scenes work that went into creating these changes and the next steps needed to ensure that these enhancements are clearly communicated to PYP schools around the world. In order to empower PYP teachers and schools to do their best work, the head office in the Hague will provide specific support materials to help guide each school regardless of where they are at in their PYP journey.

In order to faciliate deeper discussion in this episode about the 2018 changes, an elementary head of school (Jeff Woodcock from the KAUST School), a PYP Coordinator (Jon Davidson from the KAUST School), and a director of a school (James Brightman) sat in on this discussion with Terri to share their own unique viewpoints, challenges, and ideas in regards to ensuring that they prepare their schools and teachers for the 2018 changes.

If you are a PYP teacher or administrator, you are sure to have some valuable takeaway from this episode that can help you to better think your way through how you might approach the 2018 changes to ensure success for you and your school. Thanks for listening.

Terri’ Bio

Terri Walker, a native of Alberta Canada, joined the IB in The Hague in 2014 to manage curriculum development for the PYP. Terri brings extensive career experience in teaching and administration to the Hague team, including 12 years as PYP coordinator in North Carolina, USA. Terri has been active as a PYP workshop leader, site visitor and consultant across the US and Canada and has enjoyed participating in IB sponsored meetings for assessment and pedagogical leadership. She loves connecting with PYP educators globally and chatting about all things PYP related!

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Themes Discussed:

PYP Enhancements, Student Agency, Assessment, Vertical Articulation, PYP Planners