A good teacher understands that the environment of a classroom impacts the behavior of students. A chaotic environment creates chaotic emotions and a calm environment creates (usually) calm behaviors.

sean cBut what if, as teachers, we had an easy way to impact the arrangement of our room and thus define or encourage the emotional responses we want from our students?

Today I talk with Sean Corcorran, General Manager for SteelCase, about the state of classroom design today, the research they are doing regarding its impact on learning and the options now available for classroom design. Believe it or not, we can actually start to think about a departure from the traditional classroom look that has been around for a zillion years.  


“The current state of the design of many classrooms today is obsolete.” Sean C.


Sean M. Corcorran is a business leader with more than twenty-five years experience in management, design, engineering, product development, and innovation consulting. He currently serves as General Manager of Steelcase Education in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he is responsible for all aspects of Steelcase global business serving higher education and K-12 customers.