In this episode, Marina Gijzen, current elementary head at Nanjing International School shares her insight and experience as it relates to her journey in education that has spanned well over two decades.

A few years ago, Marina chose to change directions and move into educational leadership as she felt, in her heart, that she wanted to take the risk to share her authentic self and the vision that she had in regards to what quality teaching and learning means. To Marina, teaching is a deeply personal pursuit that is greatly impacted by the language we use with young people, as well the relationships that we build with them.

In this episode, Marina shares specific strategies and approaches that she has developed over the years, as well she also discusses how she has changed and what she has learned about herself related to the shifting in gears in her career from a classroom teacher to a leader in education.

Marina is all about liberating greatness in others and has built her educational leadership philosophy around living this statement and leading by example day in and day out in order to bring out the best in the teachers she feels so lucky to work with.

Marina has brought so much wisdom and experience into her many different roles at Nanjing International School. She will be transitioning over to a new role as head of elementary school at Lincoln Community School in Ghana next year and is sure to bring so much value to that school. Thanks for listening to today’s episode with Marina Gijzen.

About Marina:

Marina Gijzen is an international educator who is very interested in the discussions about  educational innovation. What does it mean? What does it look like? Why do it? How do we do it? When and where? and Who will be a part of it?

She has been teaching primary aged children for 25 years in 5 different countries in two different languages (French and English).

Children fascinate Marina. She believes that they are full of potential and are naturally open-minded, sincere, caring, enthusiastic, brave, and so creative. She aspires to be like the students she teaches and works with!

She writes a blog to help her think about how to help keep these wonderful qualities in our children and in our world. She would love you to join in on the conversation.

Connect With Marina:

Twitter: @marinagijzen


Themes Discussed:

Student agency, Empowerment, Lifelong Learning, Thoughtful Language, Educational Leadership, Quality Teaching and Learning.