If you are having difficulty making the transition to Google Slides because you think the built in themes are not cute logo_slidesCarnival_squareor creative enough for you, then you need to check out Slides Carnival  This site offers FREE, clean, professional looking online templates for Google Slides. Click on a link to any template and it opens in Google Slides “view only” mode. If you want to use it, just go to FILE and MAKE A COPY.  Each template contains a variety of page layouts you can use or delete. But wait there’s more!  The last slide contains a collection of unique theme-based scalable clip art you can copy, paste, recolor, resize and use anywhere in your presentation.

Simple Uses?

Any Google Slide presentation you want to create.  Share the link with kids and see what they do with it too!

Do I Plan To Use It?

Most definitely.

Commitment And Learning Curve

If you know how to use Google Slides (or Power Point), and know how to click a link, you can use this - immediately.

Best For