SweetSearch is a search engine of teacher-reviewed, scholarly resources, and in my humble opinion beats Google  SweetSearch LogoScholar hands down! Why better than Google Search? For one thing, there are no ads. Over 35,000 sites have been vetted by teachers and librarians, and ranked based upon their determination of reliability. So, Library of Congress is going to be high on most search results. As a history teacher I particularly enjoy the fact that the search engine finds primary source documents much more easily than other search engines.

Simple Uses?

Any student research short of the college-level will benefit from this search engine.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes, yes yes! I could talk until I am blue on the face and still some kids will avoid databases like the plague, even at the cost of grades. SweetSearch operates just like any other search engine, so there is no learning curve. Just get on and go.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Zero. If you can Google-search, then you can SweetSearch.

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