More and more, students are creating media and content on their own digital devices and sharing it online. But what is the best way to share? Who should have access? Today we would like to share thoughts and strategies for sharing digital content.

Notes & Links


  • PBL to a genuine audience
  • Basic truths from a kid whose been there:
  • Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship materials online


Ways to share…


  • CD’s & flash drives
  • e-mail


  • Your LMS – Advantages (secure), disadvantages (need password, only teacher can see.
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.
  • Youtube, other public sharing sites?


When should work be shared publically?

Getting student created media off of iPads.

      • iPads are great creation devices, but lack can be a challenge when sharing something that’s not in the camera roll.  “Open In” can be a savior for the teacher that wants to collect work from student iPads.