For our 20th episode we’re going to get animated – or rather talk about the power of student and teacher created animation in the classroom.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Want to reduce stress? Sing! (KTV)

Chris – One’s worst fears seldom materialize, but consider the lost opportunities when we choose to worry, procrastinate, or hold back from doing what we know we should. Live life as if you cannot fail. You will sometimes fail, but you will not fail to live fully. The successes will far outweigh the defeats, and even the defeats are opportunities to learn.

Notes & Links

Why use animation…

  • illustrate a concept – mix up your flipped classroom.  A simple 20-30 second animation can help students understand a concept better than a 10-20 verbal explanation.
  • to let students “show what they know”
  • It’s fun!

Animation Myths (excuses people use to NOT use animation)

  • I’m not an artist
  • I don’t have any animation software
  • It takes too long

Debunking Animation Myths

  • I’m not an artist
    • You don’t have to be an artist. Use simple shapes or pre made clipart and maneuver it around on a screen.  You can even animate photographs.
  • I don’t have any animation software/It takes too long
    • Keynote – Use the Magic Move slide transition to move objects around from slide to slide.
    • Google Slides – Yes! With a little “hack” you can create animations that play right inside a web browser using Google Slides.
    • Time lapse
    • Free Apps (Make your photos talk!)
      • ChatterPix
      • Yakit Kids