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Do you have that lesson that you dread teaching?  What can you do to “Kick it Up a Notch!” Join us today as we edTechcheck the mailbag and take on the challenge to “Liven up Those Limp Lessons”

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Time keeps on tickin’ tickin’ tickin’ into the future…

Chris – No one is ever ambivalent about presenting at a conference. Either they jump at the chance or run away screaming. Why is that? I am comfortable in my ignorance, so I tend to volunteer for these things.

Obvious to You, Amazing to Others –

Notes & Links

Letter #1

Dear EdTech Roundtable,

Since the beginning of time, every spring my students have to do this dreaded “state report project”.  They have to draw maps, write about the state history, talk about resources, climate, famous people, blah blah blah. It’s the same thing every year.  And every year the students seem to just copy and paste information from the same library books.  It needs to change.  What can I do?

Signed “Desperate in Denver”

IDEA: I (the teacher) am a big CEO who wants to build a new exclusive resort.  My guests need to know the weather (climate) interesting attractions, historical information, etc.  Create a “pitch” as to why I should build my resort in your state.

Letter #2

Dear EdTech Gurus,

My admin is coming to observe my class this week.  I want to impress her with a lesson using tech, but I’m not a “techie”.  What is something easy I can do to make a good impression?

Signed “Sleepless in Singapore”

IDEA: Use instant feedback tools like Socrative, Padlet, or Kahoot to get all kids participating.  Use them for reflection or an exit.  

OR  Get Kids creating something to show what they know.  Use a mini or lighting project.  “You have 20 minutes to make…”

Letter #3

Hey genius!

Everybody says I need to use more tech in with my students, but I teach math.  Ever try to have kids type equations using a keyboard?  Why should I use tech when it’s so much easier and faster to use pencil and paper?  

Signed “Skeptical in Schenectady”



Desmos Activities:

Dan Meyer’s Three Act Math:

Would You Rather Math by John Stevens:

Letter #4

Bonjour from the other side de le mer,

Je suis un foreign language teacher and I want my kids to use the language they are learning in an “authentic” way, and I’ve got administration breathing down mon cou to use the SAMR model so I stop drill & killing my students. Any ideas?

Signed “Noah Body, Floodwaters Michigan”

IDEA: Museum Audio Tour – record descriptions, post online, make QR Codes, print QR Codes and place next to artwork.

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