If someone came up to you and asked, “What makes your school special?”  How would you respond?  Today our final-04-01edtechroundtable-mp3-image-700x700special in-studio guest Rushton Hurley will help us take a look at teaching, learning and school culture. And maybe we’ll be able to convince him to share the “secret sauce” that’s needed to make your school something special.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – examples limit creativity – Preschool 4 in Makerspace

Chris – Espresso grind does not work in a Mr. Coffee. Neither does the same style in two different teachers, but sound pedagogical practices can be used in many different teaching styles.

Rushton Ricardo Selmer TED Talk

Notes & Links

GUEST: Rushton Hurley (@RushtonH)

About – http://www.nextvista.org/speaking/

Making your school special…

  • What are habits or characteristics of schools that are “doing it right”?
  • Role of Technology
  • Where can I start tomorrow?

New Book:  Making Your School Something Special (coming out in January 2017)