In Education Technology it’s often been said, “Date the tool, marry the ability.”  On today’s podcast we’ve got a couple of tools with wonderful personalities we’d like you to meet, ones that could give you the ability to be even more awesome than you already are.  Are you ready for a little EdTech Speed Dating?

Lessons Learned

Dennis –  Force someone to create a copy of a Google Doc by changing the last part of the URL from “edit” to “copy”.  Send the URL ending with copy and when they click on the link they will get a message and a butting asking them to click to make a copy.

Chris – “Unfortunately, the ACT does not measure what I am most proud of — overcoming my fear of going up on the stage to receive the award. If I hadn’t done that, I probably could not do this.” – Jack Bradley, Senior at Dupont Manual High School, diagnosed with autism, ADHD and Tourette’s. We need to recognize that working individually with kids takes time. Either we accept that not all kids can fit, or we take time to fit our institutions to the needs.

Fun Fact

@KFC on Twitter  Only follows 11 people – all of the Spice Girls and six guys named Herb

Notes & Links

  1.  Quiver (iOS/Android)
  2.  CoSpaces EDU (Web/iOS/Android)
  3.  EdPuzzle (Web/iOS/Android)
  4.  FlipGrid (Web/iOS/Android)