Twas the Podcast before Christmas and here in Shanghai,

The teachers and students were all going to try,

To do what they must do for the last days of school,

Prior to jetting off to celebrate Yule!

So today on the show we’ll talk tech and apps,

Before we too settle down for our long winter naps.

Lessons Learned

Dennis –  It is better to give PD than to receive PD.  

Chris – “No space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunity misused” ― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol My ten year rule (yule?)

Daniel – Always have a backup.  I had two pieces of storage  hardware fail this week and I had a backup for one but not the other.

Fun Fact

The Fun Fact is on vacation until 2018.  In it’s place today we present:

The 12 Techs of Christmas

For the 12 Techs of Christmas the podcast gave to me:

  • And An iPhoneX in my Apple Tree
  • Two haptic gloves
  • Three D printers printing
  • Four G downloads streaming
  • VIVE VR Rooms
  • Six Sigma Cycles
  • Seven EdTech Sessions
  • Eighty Windows Updates
  • Nine Bots a’Coding
  • Ten VR Viewers
  • Eleven apps in Beta
  • Twelve Gigs of Data

Notes & Links

Scrooge was a lifelong learner

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!”

― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Memories of Christmas Tech Past

Chris: Being of a certain age, the best “tech” for Christmas for me as a child often turned out to be the big boxes that the “stuff” came in. Boxes had just been invented. Those boxes became the inspiration for my imagination. They became forts, space ships, and automobiles. I never grew tired of big boxes.

Daniel – 3D Television. 2010 world Cup was all the rage.

Dennis – Every classroom should have it’s own dedicated Laserdisc player.

Christmas Presents – What would we like to share with you from our stockings this year?

Daniel – Piper Kit – Lego and Raspberry Pi had a baby.  It helps 7-12 aged students build prototypes.

Dennis – Fast Reliable Internet.

Chris – Using Excel for retrieval-based learning

Christmas Future – What will the upcoming year bring?  Both Hopes and Foreboding…

Chris  – Hope: high speed internet access will be seen as a public good  Fear: Net neutrality neutered.

DENnis – The future is AR.  Apple has put the ARKit in developers hands to get ready for a whole new genre of app and technology  (AR Glasses?)

Daniel – Artificial Intelligence – I want AI to organize my digital life.  My own AI digital assistant.