In today’s episode, my guest, Jeff Woodcock, shares his major life lessons learned in education that has helped to guide his journey and acsent into leadership.

Jeff’s philosophical stance is that quality leadership is all about unlocking excellence within others and it’s through this process that we continually put ourselves in a position to grow and develop our own skills.

In our conversation, we delve into the powerful role that sport and physical activity have played in his life and the core values gained from these areas that transcend sport itself and apply to his current leadership position and the work that he does. In this conversation, we unpack what critical self-reflection means and share valuable tools and strategies that any educator can put into practice in order to ensure constant growth.

Jeff is wise beyond his years and has many gems of insight that he shares in today’s episode.

About Jeff

Jeff Woodcock is the Elementary School Assistant Principal at the KAUST School in Saudi Arabia. He is in his tenth year as an educator at international schools, previously working at Bonn International School in Germany. He has received a Certificate of International School Teaching from his participation in the TTC and completed a Master’s of Science through the TTC and Buffalo State University.

Jeff has served in the role of chair for his school’s accreditation process with the Primary Years Programme and CIS/NEASC. Other previous roles include Activities Director and Professional Development Coordinator. He is dedicated to facilitating learning through an inquiry-based and student-centered approach. He is the administrator and a contributor to the inquiry blog

Connect with Jeff

Twitter: @jdotwdot

Themes Discussed:

Quiet Leadership, Self-Reflection, Empowerment, Physical Activity & Sport, Core Values, Gratitude, Self-Awareness, Purpose & Meaning