Timeline JS3 is a powerful, open-source tool that allows the user to construct truly impressive timelines because its Timeline JS3 Logotemplate is a Google Spreadsheet. Just copy the template to your Google Drive, make additional copies for each new timeline, and away you go! If the medium can be put into a Google Spreadsheet, then it can be put into the Timeline JS3. This is the magic of the Timeline JS3 approach.

Simple Uses?

Without question, this timeline generator is a good solution for people who have the patience to take advantage of the power of Timeline JS3. If you want a robust timeline that teaches themes of history, for example, then Timeline JS3 may be for you. Anyone who is comfortable working with Google Sheets and who knows how to embed items into a website will be ready to take advantage of what Timeline JS3 has to offer.

Do I Plan To Use It?

No. I tried it out for my purposes and found the Beedocs 3D Timeline and the HSTRY timeline tool both work better for me. That being said, Timeline JS3 definitely has its place in specific situations. If you want a robust, impressive-looking timeline and you have the skills, this timeline is for you.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Medium-High. There is a learning curve here based upon one’s previous knowledge of Google Sheets and embedding links into websites. The first timeline will take a while, but after that speed will increase with familiarity. The tool is free and not polished in that it is not “drag & drop.” You get what you pay for in this respect, and the tool is free.

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