Vocapp is web/app (“wapp?”) service that is designed for Language Arts teachers.  It creates audio, textual and/or  Vocapp Logovisual flashcards that, though meant for foreign language learners, is a particularly effective, efficient, and easy tool for the review of content in all fields of study. The tool lends itself to to visual learning through pictures, aural learners through speech, and textual learners through, you guessed it, text. The auto-translate feature allows a teacher to enter text in one language and have it translated to another. It can also “translate from one language into itself, meaning that non-Language Arts teachers and students can use this tool as a review for any academic subjects that require content mastery, and how many fields does that leave out? Further, the user has the choice to drop in Excel spreadsheets of terms and definitions. I have used this feature. It works perfectly for me.  So, if you already have data sets of review material, you will find Vocapp to by a godsend. Vocapp needs the web to build review sets, but it has both iOS and Android apps that connect to a user’s account, allowing the user to access his or her stacks rom a mobile devise. Truly effective, efficient, and easy. E3. The triple crown!

Simple Uses?

The application is designed for language learning, and it is very well suited to support students in this regard. Students can use the tool to build their own specialized study stacks. All teachers and student can use this service.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes! I am already playing with a chapter review too for my AP European History class.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low. Seriously, this is a wonderfully straight-forward tool.

Best For