Tough one here, but good as it forces me to distill it down to two things.  Yikes!

Google Apps for education is the number one for me. I use it a zillion times a day to collaborate with a zillion different people about a zillion different topics.  What a life saver.  Or, in a dark sense, what a way to allow yourself to be pulled in too many directions. LOL.

WordPress is the second most used tool for me.  I constantly use it to connect and share information with people.  I am not sure how I could be as productive without it in my life. We do our radio show here on it, my students use it to communicate, I run courses on it and I am always learning something new.

My tools are basically communication tools. In the end it is about our ability to share and pitch our ideas to others that helps us move forward.


I really need to stop letting Michael go first because he consistently steals mine.   I wanted Google Apps as well.  But since that’s taken I’ll choose 2 different ones.

Whiteboard Apps This could be Educreations, Show Me, Explain Everything or any other of the 1 million that are out there. These are amazing for students to be able to show and verbally explain their thinking, to use to create your own explanation videos, to provide homework help, to use as a replacement for the SMART board, etc.

Padlet In the same vein I’ve started using Padlet for lesson planning as well as student questions and reactions to ideas.  It’s really very similar to the idea of a whiteboard app, but it allows you to import photos, video, photos, audio recordings and much much more.  


  1. My brain
  2. My colleagues