What do new beginnings really mean? Our 7th episode of ‘4 x Mindfulness’ is devoted to change and new beginnings which occur on multiple levels within our lives. Each seed of IMG_0664mindfulness that is discussed in today’s episode is about becoming more present and aware when approaching our life and work but doing so in a different manner. Looking at change and new beginnings through a different set of lenses allows us to become more fully cognizant of things we wouldn’t normally pay attention to or let enter our radar.

For Neila’s two seeds of mindfulness, she shares a peaceful resolution and communication strategy rooted in the work of Dr. Amy Saltzman and her book A Still Quiet Place. Neila also shares a quote that has deeply resonated with her that deals with the natural ups and downs of life and how to approach these ups and downs with a more mindful attitude.

Andy shares a quote from Austin Kleon’s book Steal Like an Artist. The quote was taken from Jim Jarmusch, an American film director. The message is very clear and has to do with being more mindful of everything that exists around us and when we do this we can always find something to fuel our inspiration, innovation, and creativity. However, we MUST remain open to understanding that learning takes place in many forms that exist in our lives. The other seed of mindfulness that Andy presents in today’s podcast has to do with teacher and administrator well being. To use an anaology that Andy first heard this past week, teacher and administrator well being must begin by looking upstream at the key factors that empower educators to function at their best. Andy discusses what these key factors are and how to better apply them in our work and life.
Andy and Neila hope you find a gem or two in this episode that can be applied in your own lives and the work that you do