Virulent is an iTunes app simulation of virus behavior that incorporates gamification elements to engage studentsVirolent-Logo from grades 4-12 in exploring the microscopic world. The player becomes the “mind” of the viral invader, seeking to combat the defenses of the host in order to not only survive, but to thrive. The graphics are crisp, with a dark, red/black theme. The audio is of a monotone female voice, with the overall effect being Borg-like. We are the Collective. Resistance is futile. Yes, the game is engaging, and has potential to teach the player by involving the player in the life cycle functions of the virus. I learned about B-Cells, and how important they are to my continued health. Go B-Cells!

Simple Uses?

Do I Plan To Use It?

I certainly am alerting my Science colleagues to this simulation’s existence. Also, because my school teachers a special course od diseases, I will pass the information to teachers of this course as well.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Medium. Set up is easy. Just follow the link and download to the Apple device. The play of the simulation takes time. This game play should probably take place at home.

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