What is your formula for success when it comes to deepening your learning of things that you are passionate about? What role does reflection play in this process? How often do youCqTj-a8WcAAqwPC take the quiet time necessary to recharge your own batteries in order to be at your best both personally and professionally? What types of patterns and routines present themselves when eating each meal/snack of the day? To what degree do our emotions cloud the decisions that we make when trying to overcome a challenge?

In the 9th episode of ‘4 X Mindfulness’, Neila and Andy explore these themes in an effort to share strategies and approaches that have been proven effective in better developing these areas. They look at the work of best-selling author, Ryan Holiday, and delve into a specific type of digretion therapy that Sting once did to overcome writer’s block that had persisted for years. As well, the theme of mindful eating is explored and the positive benefits it has on our digestive system and overall well-being. As always, thanks for listening to ‘4 X Mindfulness’ with Neila Steele and Andy Vasily.


Neila Steele and Andy Vasily are international educators who have worked at fully authorized IB schools in 4 different countries over the past 16 years (Japan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, and China). Andy is a consultant, workshop leader, presenter, and speaker. Neila presents and leads multiple workshops in the area of mindfulness. They have devoted themselves to sharing the powerful effects that mindfulness has on promoting greater mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being.

Connect With Andy and Neila


Twitter: @neilasteele

Website: www.mindfulandpresent.com


Twitter: @andyvasily

Website: www.pyppewithandy.com

Themes Explored:

Mindful Eating, Creativity, Sting, Ryan Holiday, Plus/Minus/Equal Theory of Learning, Emotional Resilience, Reflection

Books Mentioned:

The Obstacle is the Way and The Ego is the Enemy (Ryan Holiday)