Today we discuss how to teach computational thinking without computers. The resources are out there, and we share some of the best ones! The activities in these resources are more fun than typing away, sans ball-and-socket joints, on a keyboard anyway. We Also offer our insights of the week!  

Lessons Learned

Dennis – You don’t have to be perfectly ready, just BE.


Chris – Just do it!

Notes & Links

Resources for teaching computational thinking without computers

University of Canterbury, New Zealand has some amazing resources

Computer Science Field Guide, A github, 9-12 textbook loaded with hands-on activities

CSUnplugged, a website and printable resources for K-8, and easily scalable to 9-12.

CT (Computational Thinking) page, Google for Education’s web page full of resources that include non-computer lessons

COMPUTATIONAL THINKING: A PROBLEM-SOLVING TOOL FOR EVERY CLASSROOM, Microsoft’s downloadable PDF that lists links and activities for multiple disciplines

  • 5×5 – Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
  • Questions – DDoS Distributed Denial of Service Attack
  • Find the Object – Sorting Algorithm
  • Lyrics – Sequencing, Selection, Iteration