Communication is so easy now! There are a bunch of ways to communicate with each other including email, text, voice, video and more. For a teacher this means you are more accessible to parents and other family members. For a teacher, this means you are now expected to communicate and be available on a more accessible and frequent basis. As you can imagine, this has added an extra layer of commitment for teachers and it can be a bit daunting sometimes. Bloomz claims to help with that! Bloomz is an integrated communication messaging platform for teachers to connect with parents. In one space, teachers can message parents, send photos, set up conference times, track RSVP’s, remind about assignments etc. Makes communication much easier. There is a school version as well for easier setup.

Simple Uses?

  • Share a story of the day on the fly
  • Send out group or individual pictures of students during the day
  • Plan events, volunteers etc.

Do I Plan To Use It?

We use SeeSaw right now for some, but surely not all, of the same things. I am not sure teachers find the need compelling enough to adopt the platform. Some might not want to be that much more accessible! LOL

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low learning, but medium commitment curve. Only because it requires getting parents on board and then changing their and your habits when it comes to communication.

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