Speaking of tech, I have request. Let’s throw out the word “tech” from education. It intimidates and creates some of the very barriers it hopes to overcome. Besides, what does “tech” mean,edTech-700x700 anyway? A pencil is technology. So is paper. These two inventions have done more to further education than just about anything else. So, no tech? No worries!

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Summer is a time for passion learning.  The gift of time. We always say, “When I have time I really want to ____.” So? What are you learning this Summer?

Chris – I can work outside of time/space, and so can you! Synergize!!!

Notes & Links

Advocate MEANINGFUL tech integration.  Tech should…

  • Let you do something you couldn’t do any other way.
    • SAMR Model – https://youtu.be/W6j8soDYoaw
  • Motivate students to learn, create, think
  • Save time!

When possible, choose REAL experiences over virtual ones.  http://dennisgrice.com/blog/?p=246

One of the best apps on your phone or iPad is the camera! Use it to record and then reflect on what you have learned.

Does this mean students should not have tech at all?  Absolutely not!

Focus should be on the LEARNING GOAL, not the TECH. (Not Tech for Tech’s Sake)

The line between tech and real experiences is blurring…

Internet of Things – Use tech to interact with real things!

  • Coding to control robots
  • Using sensors to collect data