Vialogues is COOL! Let me just get that statement out of the way as I continue to describe what this super platform can do. Vialogues lets you post original or borrowed (YouTube, Vimeo) content and start a discussion with it. The discussion takes place as you watch the video, so a timestamp is created when you leave a comment. This lets the viewer know exactly where in the video you had a thought worth conveying. Others can reply to your comments, you can add polls and there are a variety of privacy options. The discussion is in written form only.

Simple Uses?

  • Student self reflection on a presentation
  • Supervisor reflection on a teachers work
  • Colleagues sharing their teaching practice
  • Watching a video about any particular topic and asking students to comment about something of interest to them.
  • A way for students to ask and answer each other’s questions during a flipped lesson.
  • Comment on news reports and ask research questions
  • Bring in movie clips from YouTube and hold a discussion
  • Analyze digital media such as commercials and have your students tear it apart

Do I Plan To Use It?

Oh I SO plan to use it. I will start using it right away for online PD we do.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Learning curve is nothing. Just create an account and go. Commitment curve could be greater if you are looking to change your existing teaching practice to incorporate these type of exercises.

Best For



No cost. Columbia College is the creator and sponsor and they are not charging for the service.