Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.55.32 AMShadow Puppet app is one I learned about to App Ed Review (another awesome site we reviewed a few weeks back).  This app is honestly the easiest movie making app I have ever used.  You simply create a new “puppet”, select or search for the photos you want to use, click record and talk about the images and add text to your movie.  Then you can immediately send it out through email, as a hyperlink or to various social media.  It literally took me 5 min to create my very first puppet.


This app is awesome for very simple videos, but definitely won’t replace applications like iMovie where you can create really professional looking movies.

Sample Uses

My very favorite thing about this app is that they actually list sample uses for it within the app.  Just click on the “ideas” icon at the bottom of the screen and it lists all kinds of ideas.  Then, if you find one you like you can choose “make it” and the app will immediately take you to an archive of maps or photos that will help you get started on creating your Puppet.   The app also tells you what CCSS standards would be met by that project and includes the citations for the images you use!  Here are a few of their suggested ideas to give you a taste:

  • Share your family’s history by selecting images of maps and showing where your family is from.
  • Identify a historical landmark and describe its significance
  • Look for symbols in works of art and explain their significance
  • Create a weather report describing the types of weather in a region
  • Create a digital portfolio of the projects you completed during the year.

Do I plan to use it?

I think that this might become my go to movie making app for students.  It’s so incredibly easy to use!

Commitment and Learning Curve


Best for ES MS or HS?  

Any level.



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