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Is it possible to really like something even though you don’t know anything about it?  If the answer is yes, then that explains how I feel about Design Thinking and the process that surrounds it.

But this show is not about me, it is about the guests that come on the show. One of the advantages of hosting a show like this is the chance to explore new things and learn more about them.  So, I called up Brian Lockwood,  a local expert in the Design Thinking process.

Brian is the Director of Technology at Nanjing International School in China and uses Design Thinking regularly to help solve problems.  We discuss the details of the process, the types of people who are attracted to it, how students can use it and how we as teachers and administrators can bring design thinking to our classroom and management decisions.

Hint:  You can’t expect to be right the first time.

“Design Thinking looks at the world in a curious way.”– Brian Lockwood
“We must accept feedback with the intention of improving.” — Brian Lockwood


Brian is a TCK and knowing who and where he is from is the hardest question to answer.

“ I’m still on my own self discovery journey. I know this I’m curious, love to share, and enjoying seeking alternative solutions to the problems we face today.”

Brian is Technology Director at Nanjing International School and loves #STEAM based projects. Before working in education he worked in the IT departments of Architects, Medicals Schools, Start up companies and computer shops.

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