Chatter Pix Kids is one of my student’s favorite apps.  The basic premise of the app is very simple.  Take a photo of Chatterpix logoanything and then make it talk.  For instance, you can take a photo of your pet dog, then the app prompts you to draw a line where you would like the mouth to be.  Then you are asked to record your voice (you only get 1 min of time though so be sure you know what you want to say!).  Finally, the app connects your voice to the image of your do and it looks like your dog is telling you all about how much he loves peanut butter (or whatever else you decided to make him say).  As you can imagine the app is incredibly engaging.  This app is created by the company Duck Duck Moose and they have tons of other apps that kids adore (if you’d like to hear more about the company, check out my interview with Caroline Hu Flexer).  

Simple Uses?

Please don’t allow the concerns I mentioned about to make you give up on the app though!  It’s an amazing tool and I have since used it very effectively with many different classes.  The possibilities are endless for this app but here are some ways I’ve used it.  
  • Kindergarten: Students drew a picture of their animal and then made their picture talk.  They described the traits of their animal.  
  • Grade 3: Students created a country report using Chatter Pix.  They made a stick figure and then placed it on different images of the country (a flag, a map, etc.) and talked about the important parts of that culture.
  • Grade 4: In our energy unit we learned about the transformation of energy from one form to another.  The students took a photo of something and then described how energy was transformed when that object was used (e.g. an electrical teapot transforms electrical energy to heat energy.)

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yup! And I love it!

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